Prime Tequila and Mezcal

Bringing Mexican culture to Switzerland through the direct importation of prime Tequila and Mezcal.


casa orendain

Orendain: a family with tradition.

The Orendain family name is distinguished among the most famous tequila distilleries – and it’s one with a rich tradition, too. La Chirapa, a tequila factory owned by master distiller Don Delfino González Chávez and his wife, Doña Elisa Orendain, dates back to 1840.

Their nephew and former employee at La Chirapa, Don Eduardo Orendain González, laid the foundation for Casa Orendain in 1926, when he established his own company after acquiring a small and rudimentary distillery, later to come to be known as La Mexicana.

The visionary Don Eduardo Orendain González manufactured his tequila with pride, love and a great commitment to quality, virtues that he passed on to his successors. Gradually, Tequila Orendain gained fame and recognition, and conquered the most demanding palates – not only of Mexico, but of the entire world.

The Orendain brand has received numerous awards and prizes from organisations specialising in quality assurance in Mexico and abroad. Notwithstanding its success, the tequilas of Casa Orendain are still produced at La Mexicana, which is now owned by the second generation of the Orendain family.


Destilería Sacrificio

Pride in traditional craft.

Mezcal Sacrificio comes from Oaxaca (wa-haw-ka) in south-west Mexico. Oaxaca’s well preserved indigenous culture, craft tradition, biodiversity and archaeological sites make Oaxaca an important area for tourism.

Destilería Sacrificio takes pride in applying traditional processes for harvest, baking and distillation in order to obtain an ultra premium mezcal with the rich taste of mature agave. The result is an ultra premium mezcal with the unmistakable and delicious taste of mature agave, represented in clean and fresh fruity notes. 

 In 2013, Mezcal Sacrificio was awarded Double Gold Medal in the distilled rested category by WSWA (Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America). In 2014, under the Spirits of the Americas Competition, Mezcal Sacrificio Reposado was awarded with
 the silver medal. In the same year, The Tasting Panel magazine rated Mezcal Sacrificio Reposado with
 94+ points.


L.A. Cetto

Present in more than 27 cities of the world.

Founded by Angelo Cetto, history says that Cetto started the wine business in 1928, bought a number of small wineries in the 1980, and now he is responsible for more than half of the country’s wine. 

Cetto cultivates 2,500 acres of vineyards in Baja California; also olive oil, L.A. Cetto is one of the most renowned and oldest wineries in Mexico. In addition to the vineyards, L.A. Cetto offers gardens, a picnic area, wine tasting room, tours as well as a tasting boutique in Ensenada. Today, with more than 75 years of tradition and quality, L.A. Cetto is recognized internationally; with over 295 awards obtained in more than 25 countries such as France, Italy, Spain, England, Canada and the United States. 

Their wines are a sample of the quality of the Mexican vitivinicultura, tribute to the art to make good wine.

corn tortillas

moctezuma foods

Experts in production and distribution of traditional corn tortillas. 

Operations start in Vienna, Austria. Within a space as small as 80 square meters and a production volume not higher than 100kg of corn tortillas each month. With hard work we improve our production processes and reach a production volume of 500kg of tortillas monthly.

This exciting year we start exporting our products to countries like Czech Republic, Hungary and the Netherlands.Hard work starts to pay off and we are positioned as the leading tortilla producer in Austria. For this reason the Austrian Chamber of Commerce recognizes us among the 50 most successful companies of the country.With a 1200% growth, we establish our first production plant outside of Austria. 

 Our 350 square meters plant in Prague with a 20 meter production line has an annual capacity of 60,000 kg of tortillas.In 2015 we were selected by CNN Expansion Magazine as one of the 30 promises with highest impact in Mexican economy. Established as the European leader in production of Corn Tortillas, we were included in FORBES magazine’s top 30 as one of the enterprises with the best business model in Mexico.

fruit puree


Your preferred partner for frozen fruit solutions.

Dirafrost was established in 1988 and, since 2005, has been part of the AGRANA Fruit Division, which specializes in processing agricultural raw materials covering three sectors, namely: sugar, starch and fruit. The Dirafrost range consists of frozen fruit, frozen fruit salads, frozen decorative fruit, frozen and fresh fruit puree.

Since 2015, we have looked at possible synergies with our parent company AGRANA, a global player, offering huge advantages of scale. AGRANA is represented globally, enabling us to develop an optimal and more efficient supply chain, which has an additional positive impact on our environmental footprint without compromising on quality. As from now, our sister company AGRANA Fruit Poland is increasing productivity, with a discernible shift in production towards our own production sites in Serbia (Yube) and Morocco (Dirafrost) and towards our cooperative production site in Belgium. 

This decision fits in with the AGRANA vision: “production at source”. Our quality policy and vision of “continuous improvement” is the same at every unit, as all purchasing and quality assurance activities linked to our supplier selection and assessment remain in-house. Our highest priority remains safeguarding the selection of the best and highest quality raw materials. Our experience, acquired since 1988, therefore remains the foundation of our fruit expertise and our high-quality standards.

agave syrup


From the heart of México to the world.

Edulag is a Mexican company dedicated to the production and commercialization of natural products made from agave and stevia, focused on meeting the needs of both local and global markets.

Accelerated growth in organic food consumption and global preference for a healthy lifestyle, there are no catapults to the international market and growth as a company, providing the highest standards of quality technology in the making of our products.Our goal is to promote the use of products made from agave and stevia, as well as the properties they have as promoters of good health and nutrition.In this way we develop the best syrups, sweeteners and natural fibers.

Our work site and products are endorsed by the recognized international standards and certifications of quality and safety. Likewise, our products have undergone the most rigorous examinations and evaluations in laboratories around the world to check their quality and properties.

We believe that to transcend in the industry, our commitment must be first with the people who are part of our team. This has driven us to become a socially responsible company, with firm values that we apply day by day within our institution.

frozen machines

GBG Horeca

Make fantastic cocktails with a single action.

GBG was born in the 60's as a manufacturer of machines for cold tea and coffee. It had a quick success in the Italian and international market, now GBG is one of the world leading companies in the design and manufacture of machines for the production and distribution of granitas (slush).

Its success is strongly connected with many factors: the wide range of products, a young team always focused on the client's requirements and on the quality of the products are only the main ones.Being GBG part of a famous international group, it can benefit of important synergies in both refrigeration and catering fields. Moreover GBG has sales branches in the main markets.

GBG's production is UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 certified, a further warranty to the customers of GBG philosophy.Both the design and the production of the equipments are made in our headquarter in Anzola Emilia (Bologna), Italy.

fresh mexican water


Make a fantastic fresh water ("Agua Fresca") only by adding water. 

Founded in the City of Mérida, PROALMEX began in the food industry since 1972 with the preparation of natural beverage concentrates, under the trade name "Deliciosa", with the traditional flavors of horchata, Jamaica and tamarind.

Thanks to the continuous development of the quality and flavor of its products, over the years "Deliciosa" becomes the leading brand in the southeast and subsequently in number one on sales in México.