Rent or leasing machines

Sacrificio Reposado

If you are considering renting a slush machine we offer lease rental options on our range of commercial equipment such as slush machines, or water dispensers. Leasing offers many advantages which include;


✔ No up-front investment – giving you access to our slush equipment, syrups, immediately.

✔ Lease from as little as CHF3.50 per day, (leasing over a longer period).

✔ Reduced tax liability on your profits as lease rental payments are 100% tax deductible.

✔ Leasing allows you to preserve your working capital.

There are many benefits when you lease compared to a rental which we DO NOT offer. If you rent a slush machine, you will usually receive a second hand, lower quality machine and be tied into a slush syrup purchase agreement, usually at highly inflated prices.